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If you can’t decide between mountains and forests, don’t! We didn’t, and that’s why we call Tarapoto home. This is the basin, where the Andes meet the ‘Selva’ (jungle), a biodiversity hot spot, where the rolling hills are green, waterfalls are abundant, and life is relaxed!

A city filled with friendly faces, cheap lunches, and almost mandatory siestas!! Hidden through the streets are local artisanal gems, from cute cafes to natural product shops, there is unique quality scattered through the narrow streets bustling with people and motos (except on Sundays). Anywhere you get a glimpse beyond the city, your eyes will be taken miles away by hills rolling into mountains in the distance, often disappearing into mist; ever travel to a city within a cloud forest?

Tarapoto is the main hub, but there are beautiful and unique towns, villages, and communities all over that we like to visit, and exquisite natural life surrounding everywhere in the San Matin District of Peru. From caves and canyons to waterfalls, and all the waters and forests between. From beautiful and rustic eco-lodges, to luxurious hotels and resorts, the main city and many of the smaller towns have great accommodations. There are some very beautiful highly frequented and well-known tourist attractions, but the most spectacular natural beauties lay off the beaten paths; Vertical Journey tries to be the ‘who’ to help everyone get to, and enjoy, the ‘where and what’.

Cuisine: a proud cultural aspect all over Peru, as it continues to make a name for its gastronomy internationally. You can find the typical Criollo food of the central and coastal regions here, as well as the coastal styles of seafood, only usually with fresh water fish and shellfish. Then there is the traditional dishes from the Selva; bananas and rice in ways you’ve never imagined, fresh fish from ‘cooked by lemon’ to cooked in giant leaves, street bbqs, good pork, juane, and the list could go on. Then there is all the delicious and fresh fruits, super foods, roots, and vegetables from the region, which list on and on themselves!

We’ve added some links below to help you find out more about Tarapoto and all its wonder!

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