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June 13th, 2016, was the day 2 guys from Lima officially started the business of their dreams!

““It started with an idea that became our dream. We wrote it out and turned it into a goal, and from aspiring to get to that goal, we have our reality; Vertical Journey.”

-Rodrigo Del Castillo Haas

Entrepreneur– V.J.



In 2015, Rodrigo and Seihat met in Sauce, where the idea of Vertical Journey was born. An engineer with logistics, managing, and tourism experience, and a ropes and rescue expert with extensive climbing experience and exploration know-how, became business partners.
Tarapoto and its surrounding towns have exquisite natural life all around them. From caves and canyons to waterfalls, and all the waters and forests between. From beautiful and rustic eco-lodges, to luxurious hotels and resorts, the main city and many of the smaller towns have great accommodations. Safe and reliable transportation can be arranged to and from almost any location, and there are many tours that do that.
What was missing?

“We want to help people experience the jungle in a new way, and treat everyone like friends, not clients, while we do it.”

–Seihat Ojeda

Entrepreneur – V.J.



They saw all that was offered and realized where it was lacking, ‘stuff to do’. Adventure, experience, tours that take you into the jungle to feel it, not just see it. Enthusiasts of repelling, exploration, adventure, and cultural experiences themselves, it was easy for them to decide what they would want to do if only here for a few days, and as much of it in as many beautiful places as possible. What beautiful parts of the forest can what be done in?

They set out to find locations to adventure and enjoy, aiming to help with preservation of the Amazon as much as possible while starting their business. Vertical Journey tries to help combat the ‘shadow economy’ by working alongside local communities, helping them earn through eco-tourism instead of deforestation; which helps preserve the natural lands in the reserve where they live and work. Once decided on what activities can be executed in which beautiful locations, all that was missing was the team.

As of 2018 Vertical Journey is 8 guides with tours offered in 7 languages big! New partnerships have been formed, and the tours are always growing. Whether it’s repelling alongside waterfalls, learning through experiencing the jungle culture, or simply just pampering your skin with a mud bath, Vertical Journey wants to help ensure you have the most amazing time!

From breath taking vistas on the highways, to the welcomed cool shade away from the sun offered by the canopy, everything can be felt and (besides maybe the mosquitoes) enjoyed here in the high Amazon.

“We want everyone to enjoy their experience!”

-Vertical Journey Family


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